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Beating the Holiday Blues

After the excitement of the holiday rush is over, many people may feel sad, lonely or depressed. This is very common. Try these suggestions below to beat the holiday blues. Follow your usual schedule. Re-create your pre-holiday routine, and be sure to exercise as often as possible. Regular routines of self-care can help the post-holiday blues fade away. Practice moderation. Rather than continuing to splurge on holiday feasts, get back to a healthy diet with reasonable portions. Use holiday leftovers for an occasional treat, but try to serve better portions! Eating better will help you feel more energized. Get enough sleep and exercise. It is important to make sure you are resting and getting regular exercise after family and friends come to visit. Take a daily walk to enjoy the outdoors, or try a new workout. Be realistic. Take things day by day, and make a to-do list for the week. Work on one item at a time, and set reasonable goals for yourself. Make sure to set aside

Tips to Get Back on Track After the Holidays

Expensive gifts, elaborate décor and holiday feasts can weigh heavily on your wallet. Don’t get discouraged! Try these tips to help you get back on track after the holidays! Limit your spending. You may have splurged a bit during the holidays, but now it’s time to cut back! Say no to frivolous spending. Instead of eating out, eat what you already have in your home for a month. Resist the temptation of buying clothes or shoes. Try doing this for one or two months and watch your savings grow!  Give yourself an allowance. Put away the credit cards and stick to a set amount of cash. This strategy will help you control your spending. Calculate your monthly expenses and subtract that from your monthly (take-home) income. The money you have left over is your spending allowance. Try to focus on the necessities like gas and food; put the rest in a savings account.  Challenge yourself! Set a goal and try to stick to it. If you normally spend $100 on food a week, try to spend $70 instea

Five Holiday Survival Tips for Diabetics

Holidays can be a difficult time for people with diabetes. Food is plentiful, and spirits are bright! Family gatherings, parties and holiday travel can disrupt daily routines, but there are ways to manage your diabetes and control blood sugar levels during the festive season.  These 5 tips can help: Plan food selections. If you’ve had your eye on that pumpkin pie all day, skip the dinner roll or serving of sweet potatoes during the main course. Enjoy your pie! Control portions. Instead of a full-size plate, grab a smaller plate and fill it with the foods you like best. Be sure to start with vegetables to take the edge off your appetite. Bring your own healthy dish. If you are going to a gathering, bring your favorite healthy dish. Spread the love by helping to create healthier habits. Nibble away! Fill a platter with raw veggies and your favorite low-calorie dip. Snack on the veggies while you cook or wait for dinner to be served. Compensate with exercise. If you

Six Family Friendly Activities to Get Your Hearts Pumping!

Looking for a family fun activity to get hearts pumping during the holidays? Don’t let the holidays stop you from getting in physical activity. You might find that it’s much easier when you include the entire family! Try these activities to get your family moving! See how many steps you can get on your pedometers while cleaning your home after all the holiday festivities have ended. Plan a post-holiday walk or nature hike. Create a scavenger hunt and have a race to see who can find everything on the map. Dance the night away while playing upbeat music as you and your family complete chores. Play four square and organize a fun family tournament. Create a family video of exercise routines.