Put Off Procrastination

How well do you manage your time? Poor planning can cause unwanted stress that can lead to feelings of depression, anxiety and agitation, moodiness, irritability or anger. These five tips can help you stay one step ahead!
  1. Consider your priorities for the day (be sure to include time for yourself), then delegate or discard unnecessary tasks.
  2. Plan your day by setting aside time for different tasks, such as answering emails, writing memos or returning phone calls.
  3. Put your plan to action. Planning is one thing; action is another. Focus on your target goals.
  4. Put away distractions—no texts, tweets, emails or games—while you dive into tasks. If you are overly optimistic about travel time, consistently give yourself an extra 15 minutes or more to get to your destinations.
  5. Be sure to get plenty of sleep and exercise. An alert mind is a high-functioning mind and one that’s less tolerant of time-wasting activities.
Source: Harvard Health

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